Thread: C# vs. Java

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    C# vs. Java

    I haven't really had much experience with C# or Java, but I would like to learn one of them. Which one should I choose? Also, if you could give me some resources to draw from for either of them, it would be great.


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    nvoigt compiled a nice set of links, and is a sitcky in the C# board. Here is the link

    There are several resouces you can check out there.

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    I would have to say that Java is the one to learn.
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    Java biggest disadvantage is that they don't give you the power of managing your own memory the way you can in c/c++. C# improves on java by giving you this feature.

    I don't know much about either java or c#, but this is from my understanding.

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    >Java biggest disadvantage is that they don't give you the power
    >of managing your own memory

    Being able to manage your own memory depends on the used Java implementation. If you are using an implementation of real-time or embedded Java, then there may be the possibility to enable or disable the garbage collector.

    The main disadvantage of the garbage collector is that it is a process which cannot be controlled by your software, this gives much trouble when creating real-time systems.

    On the other hand, not having to worry about memory management can be useful. If your software does not need to run in a real-time environment so you don't have to worry about real-time system aspects, then letting the garbage collector care for the memory management can have its advantages.

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    This thread could easily be closed...if you look in the C# board, there are about 20 threads on this EXACT SAME TOPIC.


    For starters....
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