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    alienware! worth buying or not? i was just kind of curious as to what everyone else thought. I know they're really fast pc's but i also hear you can find better deals
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    i have a alienware area 51 and i love it is the best PC i have ever had. it was worth 5000

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    Yes it is. I have a freind that has one. It is sooooo nice. It'll be my next computer. Do they make laptops?

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    I bought one recently. I think I ordered it around Sept. 29th and it arrived late October. I am very happy with it so far, but I've only had it for about a month now. The Radeon 9700 graphics card I got with mine has a few glitches with certain games but that's not Alienware's fault. It's really fast and I kind of wish I had spent the extra money and bought more RAM (1 Gig already, want 2 Gig now).
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    Hmmm...never heard of it.

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    Last time i checked Alienware had one laptop. The Area51-m, i'm thinking about buying one but its a little out of my price range, about $3,000.
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    Plus, the laptop is a little more like a "desktop". It's big, heavy, and uses a desktop PIV (that's why it's so fast). The thing gets hot fast, and has to have good cooling.

    But it'll play games like a mofo I'm sure

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