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    Windows me OS

    i need information ,plz make it clear

    i heard windows millennium had a lot of bugs & recomended not to install it ,but none of them could give me the reasons.

    plz,if u now it help me.Give the info & reasons

    And what might be the future problems that may arise

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    i found windows ME to be VERY slow.

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    Windows ME was a pointless, quick, half-way* effort at an updated version of Windows 98. Windows 98 SE was much better.

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    Take it from me, when Microsoft published Windows ME, they screwed up memory management, and it is EXTREMELY slow (why I constantly use DOS!)

    I would recommend Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows XP.

    (I have used them all, great OS's in my opinion, but im stuck with my darn ME, lol -- gotta go buy Win2k!)

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    Errrm mine sort of kinda crashed at random. It seemed nice, but it wasnt. Get XP stuck in the machine instead.

    You wont regret it.

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    My IE always crashes. If it doesn't, when I minimize a window, the content is almost guaranteed to be lost and all that will show is what was minimized to.

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    I would say that windows ME was the worst, for me the only interesting thing in it was the system recovery, since I used to do MANY things with my computer. But Windows 98 SE was much better, now I'm using windows XP and it never crashed while I'm using it, I think it's the best.

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    DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT get Windows ME. It was slow, and I had so many problems with it, even after formatting my computer several times. You are better off with Win 98se. I have XP, its a lot better than ME.

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    The network administrator at my school is thinking of putting Windows ME on all of the computers that can run it. Me and all of my friends are trying to convince him otherwise. We did some test runs with it on PCs we made, and we had many, many problems. On some machines, Windows Update didn't even function correctly!
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    Windows ME is VERY bloated. It's basically Win 98 SE after 2 years of eating McDonalds and Burger King.

    Even with my 512 megs of RAM I would constantly run low on resources, I'd have to fresh re-install it every 2 or 3 months, and it just generally sucked.

    Tell them just to take the leap to XP, or if they can't afford that, stick with 98. If you go to ME it will be absolutely terrible and a gigantic waste of money.

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    Look up which OS MS still supports.

    I think you will find ME is well on the way out (as volumes were low and it was terrible).
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