Thread: Your favourite search engine?

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    used to like dogpile...then i discovered the omnipotent google
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    1. Google
    3. Altavista
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    which one???

    Its goggle or kazaa
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    ...I mean, news, images, and newsgroups all in one.

    Google has helped me find alot of things fast!
    I'll turn up downloads for stuff that's hard to find in the first search result just by searching google "correctly".

    small example:
    My g/f wanted to find the rom for Q*bert arcade, but gave up after searching for a few hours. After she told me, I sent it to her as google returned it to me as the first site listed in the search results. First site had a working download. The other thing about google is it's no bullcrap - straight forward searching slave. No annoying interface and very little ads.

    Heh, I searched for books..
    1 - 10 of about 83,200,000. Search took 0.09 seconds
    That's a cool feature too.

    I second the Yahoo! bit, nothing wrong with Yahoo!
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