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    40 post drop

    My post count just droped 440 post. This an outrage, I demend 80 post be added to my post cound. 40 to the lost post, and 400 more for mental compisation.
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    I lost a couple of posts. I was 114 - then 111. Should be 113 now. [stealth] lost about 60 posts once, and thought it was a hack or something. But I doubt that - a few threads probably got deleted, hence a drop in your count.
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    the mods need to stop deleting posts! I don't know how many I lost, but if they were junkposts.... a lot

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    >>> the mods need to stop deleting posts

    I do not believe they are. When we delete a post we put it in a special archive. There has not been any activity in there for a while.

    I don't know if a more senior authority is doing it. I'll post something on the mods board and see if anything happens.
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    is your post count decreased when the moderators remove it fore some reason?


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    I don't think it has anything to do with junk posts; I went from 90 to 55 a few days ago even though I haven't made any posts that I would call junk (i.e., one sentence posts, posts on nothing). Of course, the mods could have a pretty extreme definition of junk.

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    I was thinking that it might have to do with removal of outdated posts. I mean, there has to be a space limit on the drive holding all of these posts. At some point (assuming posts are counted by actually having to be there) this space would be used up. Then what...?

    If the post count increments independent of the actual posts in "storage" then that idea doesn't fit. (I think that it should increment independently, but even our signatures and avatars are global... or change in all of the posts, even ones that were written with different sigs/avatars.) Like if I post, I get +=1 instead of it counting the post, and then counting every post that is tangible and made by me.

    Oh well... losing posts sucks... but I can do nothing other than complain anyway.

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