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    i checked out YPN for [and undisclosed *cough* short *cough* amount of *cough* 15 seconds *cough*]... and saw that Silent Strike was over there... any others? in my 15 seconds o' evaluation [and lack there of] i've come to conclude that this board is a better catalyst for programming prowess... what do you think all? thx bye...
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    I am, but not very often... At 20, I'm one of the oldest members there. most of them are around 15 or so.

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    I took a look and signed up, so don't feel too
    bad, Strike. I liked the tutorial about the Apache
    Server. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't
    it be a better idea to use Back Office or one of
    the other MS Server packages instead of Apache?
    Using Apache would simply be a way to save a
    few dollars, yes? This is a serious inquiry, as I
    have BOS and am seriously considering installing
    it on one of my machines.

    rick barclay
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    Firstly, it's not my site.. but I think it's worthwhile to promote .

    I'd still post my C/C++ programming questions here, there is definitely more programming talent over here.

    However, I chat at the ypn irc chat quite a bit.

    As for apache vs MS server packages... I honestly have no clue . Some guys over there (particularly the ones who run the site, the person who wrote that tutorial included), are really good with the web stuff. I am not one of them. Feel free to post a message on their boards though.
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