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    Originally posted by Shadow
    Are you talkin' bout twackin it again golfinguy4?
    Nope, not twackin it. Think "flexibility."

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    Damn right! I used to spend almost all of my time answering questions on the Windows board, now, like you, I rake through the GD cleaning up.

    I can only use the net from home now, (security freaks at work), and until I get my broadband, (promised late summer, but now confirmed as being delivered early January - TeleDanmark are the biggest bunch of liars/crooks/criminals on the planet, (hey - they are still advertising on the television "Broadband before Christmas")), I can only work from an expensive dial up, so modding it is.

    Modding is not much fun. It is necessary to read through pages of meaningless drivel.

    I'm glad there are a few others who cover the Windows board questions - no names, you know who you are.
    Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity unto the dream.

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