Thread: turkey leftovers

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    turkey leftovers

    who here is going to be eating turkey leftovers till christmas like me, 20lbs turkey+5people=lots of leftovers

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    Well I celebrated trukey a while back, but I remember in like grade 7 or something, after thanksgiving everyone had durkey sandwiches. Turkey leftovers are great, but I dont think I could eat turkey more than twice a year.

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    We had a 20 pound turkey as well, that's all that I ate today.

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    that I ate today.
    same here, im sick of it already

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    Since Im away from home, Ill be celebrating Thanks Giving today, and plan to take lots of left overs back to college

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    I didn't even get to really have a turkey dinner, or leftovers. I had to work all day on Thanksgiving. I really wish I could have ate.

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    I eat turkey every day of the year...gobble gobble

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    I ate at Jack in the Box for thanksgiving

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    We had a large family gathering. Two days, two turkeys, no leftovers. Guess it ain't too bad. I figure I'd be sick of turkey too if there were a lot of leftovers.
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    *looks ahead blindly* We had about 40lbs of turkey, and about 35 people...hmmmm...

    This makes me hungry for more turkey

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    It may be crazy but i actually had lamb for thanksgiving b/c i am geting sick of turkey and i dont want to.

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