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    One Year Ago...

    One year ago what program were you making? That's if you remember. Try to think of how much you might have improved over that one year span.

    For me, I finished a small little quiz program made in Pascal. It asked about 8 questions and based on the answers to the questions it gave you a final conclusion of all your answers. The program, also, featured nifty colors!

    I realized all of this today when my brother came over for Thanksgiving. I remember last year I was saving my program on disk to bring over to his house on Thanksgiving. Eh, I thought it was kinda funny.

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    One year ago I still used void main() and fflush(stdin).

    Seriously, I think one year ago I was making a "Norton Commander like" program in UNIX (using the curses library).
    Nice project but still not finished.

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    One year ago, I didn't know C++.
    I knew only some Visual Basic.

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    last year i was probably messing with sum PASCAL, by then i had exhausted the use of VB, and needed something to prepare me for C (didnt work)
    No I DIDN'T steal my name from Misro$ofts OS, it's pure coincidence.

    The lines around my name (-) are only there because i needed a name over the 3 character minimum letter limit

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    last year i was doing the same thing im doing right now...its quite sad now that i relize all i do is sit on the computer oh well

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