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    clearing things up

    Alright, I just want to clear some things up. Yes, two out of the four of us may have been a little annoying, one especially (dukemarlon). That was while we were in school. He's gone, the other two are still not annoying, and last night I hadn't said anything bad or annoying. I posted actual posts last night. I've cleaned my act. But I'm also getting sick of people posting and telling us to shut up because they think we're the same person. We all regiesterd in the same school, if that matters. So the IP address may be the same. Also, my current IP address is "". I don't know if that's the one that's showing up, but that's mine. I'm not raising my voice, or complaining, I'm just clearing things up so I don't get too annoyed and get driven out of here. bob20 is from the same town and the same school. But right now we are currently at our homes, two different homes. I hope that cleared a lot up for everyone, and I hope they stop thinking we're the same person. We're not. Thanks for listening.

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    Well, the thing is that no one here needs aroganace (not implying to you) I'm sure that you apologise to everyone especially to Govtcheez. We will forgive you.

    I think that we all just got off on a bad start. And I hope that things will be cleared out.
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    I've gotten over that whole thing thinking you were the same person. You should drop it, too.

    Anyways, your private IP may be, but I promise that's not the one we see here - that's a LAN IP.

    Let's jsut try to forget about it and move on, okay?

    > apologise to everyone especially to Govtcheez.

    No, don't do that - I don't really care.

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    alright... i'm willing to drop it so long as there's no continuation of spamming.

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