Thread: warning: HTML is not a programming language!

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    I hate it when illiterates think they're programming when they're really not. It makes me mad at the world

    BTW Face master, don't waste time with that, macs_rule is just some retarded 12 year old...who knows how he found his way here
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    face and/or macs - cut it out.

    >>> who knows how he found his way here

    I think anyone looking at the IP addresses may make a guess.
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    Originally posted by Aran Elus
    so don't say it is.

    how many times do i have to tell people that HTML isn't a programming language? it is really starting to ........ me off.
    I found this regarding the issue. Some good points made.

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    regardless, if Markup-Language is in the FREAKKING NAME, then perhaps its a markup-language and NOT a programming language??????????HMMMMMMMMMMMMM I WONDER

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