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    Some people

    Some people dont actually think about the conversation(thread) before they say something. Like asking a question before even thinking about it because the answer is so blatenly freaking obvious, and if you would just think for a second you wouldnt have to bother asking the freaking question. Also making comments before thinking about it. When that happens your comment becomes very off topic, confused and WRONG. so please, everyone, for if not my sake, everyone elses. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

    edit >> people that tend to do this:

    (if i forgot anyone, sorry)
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    Wow, I can see this thread turning into a battlefield with plenty of flamethrowers!!

    *Gets behind flameproof door*

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    Some peopel don't realize the board's not the place to air whatever weird personal problems they have with people.

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    And some people (I don't name who) really need lives. They're the type of people who build up lists of people on the internet that they hate, and then try to rally others behind their "cause". What was that oh-so-intelligent advice you gave me a few days ago? oh yes. Get laid.

    That is all.

    Edit: screw the not naming names:


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