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Thread: Please,

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    PC Fixer-Upper Waldo2k2's Avatar
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    May 2002
    >>SO there is no secracy of Vbulletin source code

    You can see the source of the html spit out by it, not the php code. If theres no secrecy i'd be glad if you could get your hands on the scripts and show me so we could put this thread to rest once and for all.
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    Its not rocket science vasanth's Avatar
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    By secracy i mean.. for the pearson who buys the vBulletin software... Ofcource we user canot see it.. we can only see the served HTML page source not the PHP source...

    but unlike other softwares.. Say Office suits, Antivirus etc ect where you pay for the software but you only get the executable.. But when you buy vBulletin you get the PHP fies which is nothing else but the source...

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    Emotionally Unstable DarkViper's Avatar
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    that is true, that you get the source, to a certain extent. but usually when you get the source to something, your allowed to take away the copyright notices, alter it and call it your own. but with these sources, you MUSt leave the copyright on it as part of the Terms of Service agreement when you download them.

    VBulletin,do you hafta buy it? or can it be downloaded like alot of others, say IkonBoard, PHPBB?
    Ikonboard = Perl scripting
    PHPBB = php (never saw that one coming eh?)

    but you are givin nessasary files to upload to the server, including a setup.cgi or or setup.php or something which you go in and install. it may not be an executable, but you sure as hell aint got the source code at the beginning.

    once you install, then the setup file is usually deleted and only THE NESSASARY files to run your board are installed. like heres an example:

    if you need an english only board, you select english and the english pack is installed, not the spanish or japanese or chinese or anything.

    but thats one of many.

    so you see, you dont get the whole source code. just the code thats nessasary to run your board. and beleive me, only the BARE nessesities.

    i have run an EZBoard, which is webbased installed, you register an account, you geta board for free!

    i have run an Ikonboard and installed it the same ws i have described, and i have currently a phpbb, hich does the same thing, only in PHP, with a setup file and other files needed to run the setup.

    i know what im talking about, though i may not make it clear sometimes, i know what im talking about.
    ~DJ DarkViper signing out
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