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    Here is the deal gang. I need to know if an american VCR (NTSC) will work on european televisions.

    My wife wants to buy a vcr in the states and take it with her to Finland to give to her parents... then we can send vhs tapes to her folks of our little boy.

    I told her that I don't think it is that simple. She thinks that it would only take a power converter, but she doesn't know much about video, syncs, etc.

    I believe that european video is a form of PAL (PAL2, etc), but it may be SECAM.

    Any of you know anything about european/american video conversion or of equipment that will convert vhs NTSC tapes to the european equivelent...?


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    As someone who lusts for the latest Dawsons Creek episodes
    so much that I have to get them from the states, where they
    are aired 1 year earlier then here, I have to say you will
    get european (PAL) VCRs that are able to playback NTSC
    easily. Just ask your local dealer, most are able to play both
    types of tapes.
    Either your TV or your VCR must be able to play it, and
    there will be new VCRs around that play both types. I got
    one, it's from Sony, but I'm sure other companies make them,
    too. Just ask your local (finish) dealer.

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    Thanks... I will look into that!

    Unfortunately, local for me is Hawaii. They don't sell such things here. I will have her check it out when she gets to Finland. At least now, I can tell her not to buy a VCR here.

    Thanks again...

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