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    you think asking about homework is bad, someone IMed me from this bored and basicly asked me to teach them C++, i mean, come on now people :::removes SN from profile:::

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    It is very hard to get away with handing in work that isnt your own. I've given complete answers to blatant homework questions before, but then the other person has to explain how/why it works and which flaws and bugs are still present. I sometimes write code that is overly complex for homework answers as well, let them try and hand that in!!

    Not that I'm malicious or anything!

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    I don't mind questions about homework as long they are questions and not just a description of some task they have to do.

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    ..and as long as they have at least attempted it first!!

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    I don't mind homequestions either, but some of them are really stupid, the questions... not the person.
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