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    i'm having a problem visiting this site regularly. (which is important, because i'm a mod and all...) it used to be easy when i had a lot of free time, but now... what with college and whatnot...

    how do you all manage your time to squeeze in?

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    I have broadband and no life.

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    >I have broadband and no life.
    ditto. (actually, i probably have more of a life than govtcheez ever will )
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    >>which is important, because i'm a mod and all...

    Something about that struck me as funny and I don't know me crazy....

    Oh well. Try not to take offense to that

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    Originally posted by Govtcheez
    I have broadband and no life.

    The internet is a disctraction in itself, thats one problem with having high speed.

    For example, im working on a report now. I will work on it for 20 minutes, get to a point where I cant figure out how to rephrase something, so I just go to cprog or surf.

    I dont have time for it, yet I do!

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    >> I have broadband and no life.

    Lol, same! I wish I could find some parties which weren't full of weird goth stoners

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    >>how do you all manage your time to squeeze in?
    When I'm at work, it depends on how interesting my current tasks are. Somedays I'm too busy to get on here, some days I spend all day here

    And in the evenings, I normally come on here from 11pm to 2/3am, which is a real pain when I have to be up for work at 7. But hey, that's life
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