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    >>Thats real nice, Ken, but we dont want to hear about your FUFME exploits. ... Ooh, I'm on fire tonight.

    I said "hit up", not "knock up".

    Anyways, off to write my christmas list! ::scribbles "FUFME" in large letters::

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    Even better - we just convinced a guy my friend was trashed. He's totally convinced.(I'm VirusXC, pr is my roommate pretending to be drunk, and the s88 is the poor sap - their names changed to protect the innocent)

    This is my end:
    S88: has pat been drinkin?
    VirusXC: yeah, he's trashed
    S88: seriously?
    VirusXC: oh yeah
    S88: why
    S88: it's sunday
    VirusXC: because this place sucks
    S88: seriously?
    S88: that's great:-$
    S88: !!
    VirusXC: Plus, he's still trying to get over the fact you won't sleep with him
    S88: well
    S88: with this new technology he's talking about the FUFME I sent him a link about
    S88: he can put his asshoole
    S88: to the computer
    S88: and I can ram my foot up his ass
    S88: that count?
    S88: it's crazy what they're coming out with these days
    VirusXC: no kidding
    S88: dang
    S88: 3 words spelled wrong
    S88: in a 7 word statement
    S88: what's considered drunk?
    S88: can I give him an AIM DUI?
    S88: lmao
    VirusXC: he says 9
    S88: haha
    VirusXC: but I think he's lying
    S88: lol
    S88: haha
    S88: or a TUI
    S88: typing under the influence
    S88: lol
    S88: tell pat to sit in the corner
    S88: and think about what he's done
    S88: while I call his mother
    VirusXC: oh ****, he just went in the bathroom to puke
    S88: damn
    S88: u guys chargin tickets for this show?
    S88: pat...on a sunday...
    S88: wow
    VirusXC: I'll put a video on the web
    S88: haha
    S88: nooooooooo
    S88: not a good idea
    VirusXC: he just passed out on his keyboard
    S88: that would explain this
    VirusXC: what?
    S88: pr: jhv
    pr: fdah
    pr: sadfga
    S88: lmao
    S88: he wake up yet?
    VirusXC: no
    VirusXC: he's on the floor
    VirusXC: I'm gonna go roll him on his side
    S88: yea

    Now for my roommate's side:
    Sico88: pat
    S88: ur stutterin
    S88: if that's humanly possible
    S88: on the computer
    pr: yup
    S88: Bud light?
    S88: or bud ice?
    pr: no thanx I'm full
    S88: of what?
    S88: other than poo
    pr: ****
    S88: can u walk a straight line?
    pr: I'm not drinking Sisco..
    S88: Cisco
    pr: Sorry...I always say Sisco..'cause if I type it the other way..I think of Crisco...
    S88: ha
    S88: just don't put the R
    S88: u bee all good
    S88: so
    S88: what's the drink of the night?
    S88: what's on tap big guy?
    pr: I don't know waht ur talkingas aboult
    S88: well
    S88: 3 words spelled wrong
    S88: in one sentence
    S88: not bad
    pr: I doin'g know
    pr: wgat you're talking
    S88: although, it has only 7 words
    pr: aboot
    S88: hmm
    pr: 15 beets
    pr: down....9 mo to go
    S88: hmm
    S88: Pat
    S88: if there was a way
    S88: i could ticket you a
    S88: AIM
    S88: DUI
    S88: i would right now
    S88: lol
    S88: only
    pr: what the **** aret you tlaking about..
    S88: it'd be
    S88: TUI
    pr: stop
    pr: typing
    pr: one
    pr: word
    pr: at
    pr: a
    pr: time
    S88: typin under the influence
    pr: well i'm guilty youre honor.
    S88: thought so
    S88: well
    S88: go to ur room
    S88: and sit in the corner
    pr: i'm in my room
    S88: think about what u did
    pr: Shut up man...
    pr: Sees how much you don't even have my mom's name..
    S88: i have ur house #
    S88: hi
    pr: HA no one's there.
    S88: is Pat's mom there
    S88: wouldn't take much
    pr: I'm not feeling the greatest.
    S88: ah
    S88: i figured that
    pr: jhv
    pr: fdah
    pr: sadfga
    S88: well pat buddy, hope ur alright by tomorrow mornin
    S88: night night

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    >Neither do I

    OK, so I lied

    /me is sitting in the dark in his room with a bottle of vodka.

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