Thread: favorite NES game?

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    Chrono Trigger = Best game of all time
    Super Metroid

    Final Fatasy VII (FF8 was pathetic)
    Star Ocean: Second Story (It took me about 170 hrs to complete)
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    Originally posted by deathstryke
    He's in a treasure box just before the final boss. If you are not level 99 and do not have all members with 2 dragon lances (dropped by crystal dragons), do not open the chest. Shinryuu has about 50000 hp and many attacks that do 9999 to your whole party, and has enough speed to get a turn for every member of your party. If you have the dragon lances, equip them and a coral ring (he uses tsunami first thing) and just jump. That will kill him instantly. The box contains the sword ragnarok, the most powerful weapon in the game.
    OH! that guy! No i could never beat him, even when I got so ........ed as to give my chars unlimited health and use a screw to stick the 'a' button down so they would constantly attack, and turn the game speed up to max, and go away for 30 minutes, I still didnt beat him, but thx, at least I know how to do it now, but the save is long gone

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    Kermi3..wanna close it?

    It's not that this thread is important to the site really.
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    Than k you valor_king, thanks shadow. Point's ben made.

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