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Thread: Left / Right handedness

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    I lurk
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    Aug 2002
    Originally posted by valar_king
    You type the first letter with one hand then the next with the other, then continue alternating between the two.
    That was a question I had in Science (don't ask) along with "What is the bird that likes to eat the strips of rubber around car iwndows and where is it found?"
    Blech. I got them both.
    I don't know what it's called, but isn't it found in New Zealand?

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    It's the "Kea", and yes, it is from New Zealand.
    The answer to the other question is:
    -Save the whales. Collect the whole set.

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    Microsoft. Who? MethodMan's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    Im a righty, hehe. Although it would be cool if I was a lefty, they seem unique.

    Have you ever noticed that there are no sout paws(lefties) as catchers in the MLB.

    Your Move:Life is a game, Play it; Life is a challenge, Meet it; Life is an opportunity, capture it.


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    Registered User Aran's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    I'm a righty.. but the odd thing is when i play drums, my left hand can play quicker bursts of beats while my right hand has more endurance...

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    Sep 2001
    > E is the most popular vowel in the English language
    You have to be kidding me. Yeeeeah right.

    Why would you say that's most popular?
    (not on single letter E...hey!)
    The world is waiting. I must leave you now.

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    Hidoi Ryuujin
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    Nov 2002
    I use my right for writing and swordplay but everything else just depends on what is convenient.
    One death is a tragedy, one million... a statistic.
    -Josef Stalin

    In case I forget, I use Bloodshed Dev C++ v.4

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    Bios Raider biosninja's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    South Africa
    Proudly a leftie

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    Nov 2002
    im generally a lefty. although other things require right hand, i.e. driving, guitar (actually easier to play chords if you are a lefty if playing a right handed guitar); other situations depending on convenience. i would naturally pick up a pen with my left hand, although my keys with my right hand. im actually going to teach myself to write left and right handed, just for ambidexterity.

    I ask because I am so sick of a right handed world!!
    you could always revert to the saying that "left handed people are usually smarter"

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    PC Fixer-Upper Waldo2k2's Avatar
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    May 2002
    >>why is E the most popular vowel?

    because it is, you can look it up if you like.
    PHP and XML
    Let's talk about SAX

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    Dec 2001
    I am a righty for all most everything.

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    Registered User adamviper's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    i am right handed but typing i use both equally.

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    Banal internet user
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    Aug 2002
    Originally posted by adamviper
    i am right handed but typing i use both equally.
    I doubt that... which shift do you use? Which hand do you use for spaces?

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    Just one more wrong move. -KEN-'s Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    I'm right-handed but I eat meat with my left. I don't see the point in cutting meat using your hands in reverse of how you eat it. So I just eat how I cut.

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