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    Hypnosis that makes other people do weird things is just BS, imo.
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    thats just ignorance imo

    we tried again and again and eventually it worked, i was hypnotised, i woke and i slept when told, but after about a minute my conscious mind kicked in and i wouldnt respond to any more commands.
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    yeah, but see, it could make you cluck like a chicken, but you'd have to be willing to do so. They can't make you do anything, all that stuff on tv is bs.


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    I did some computing work for 'Spano the Hypnotist'.

    He took away my friends hangover by talking slowly and calmly while rubbing her head, they had never met before.

    Her hangover was gone in minutes, made me a believer.

    He sells videos of his shows. If you were in the show he has to edit you out or you could get hypnotised just watching the video.
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