Thread: Video Game Violence - a new twist...kinda

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    I believe that some people just start out violent, and video games just feed the fire thats already there.

    sure some games make you feel more powerful than you actually are, but only the psychos and idiots ever act on those feelings.

    why, instead of pointing fingers, dont these so-called 'experts' work on solving the problems. people dont become violent just because the feel like it, there are always motives. no matter what a person does, the reason they do it is because they feel it is within their best interests to do so. that is the bottom line in human nature.
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    Sadly, many people try to blame the video game industry for the violence that is happening all around the world.

    Ok, true enough. I must admit that some ames may cause some violent actions, But also take into mind what the surrounding envoiroment of the that person's neighbourhood is.

    The point is that the video games industry ca't be held responsible for the violence that results from playing the game. The games does have an age restriction, and it should be sticked to.

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    Ohhhhhhhhh, professional sport is getting too violent must be the games that imitate sports fault.

    I bet these footballers do nothing but go home and play these games all night taking tips on how to tackle. Then go to the stadium and warm up with a quick video game.

    Australian governement rufused recently to introduce a R rating to video games. Said that children would still be able to buy them. Why have the other ratings then? Why have ratings on videos or CD's?

    "After weeks of reviewing hard hits that have resulted in a bevy of fines, the NFL has decided to review the video game industry. "

    Translation:: "We better find a scapegoat before the parents stop children watching sports. Lets jump on the video games are bad, that will at least divert attention from sports"

    " "I think it's pretty odd that the players are saying that the video game industry is a standard for reality," Iribarren said. " (Midway games)

    the true test is if violent crime is increasing in proportion to PC and video game ownership. Why is it we never see this?

    In my city we have <50 muders a year. A similar size city in the US has >400.

    This is obviously because we banned GTA.

    Or does this means Americans are more violent?

    Or is it just because you can't get a gun here? (or take one home even if you own one)

    Bottom line, this crap sells newpapers.
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    Originally posted by Waldo2k2
    >>golf ball through a hose

    damn i wish that was my girlfriend lol
    No you dont, cause if she could she would end up sucking your kidneys out your hole, that would not be pleasurefull.

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    not pleasurefull indeed...
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