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    Talking Visual basic .Net rules

    I was just curious how many people here know it. I know very little visual basic, and a decent amount of c/c++.

    I was looking over and it looks great. is to vb, as c++ is to c.

    I was just wondering what you people thought of it. I'm hoping to become a .Net developer and I'm glad that ms made an oop language for vb.

    Please tell me your experiences!

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    Move to C# or just use C++ with .NET. VB sucks - You can use C++, C#, or VB with .NET so if you wanna be a .NET developer all you have to do is shell out a few hundred for there Visual Studio.NET.
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    801 does suck. the fact that i am being forced to learn in school is a total disgrace to my (supposedly existing) intelligence.
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    The difference from ( even good ) VB to good VB.NET is like learning a completely new language. And if you have to learn a new language, you can as well take C#, which has all the abilities of VB plus a nicer language and additional more powerful features. With C# out there is no reason to stick to VB.NET.

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    Be careful what you say commander. You might be learning c++ now, but might be your future career.

    Landing a c++ job is tough, and you need to have good coding skills to make it in the real world.

    That's why most programmers start out in a language other than c...(++).

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