Thread: how well do you learn?

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    how well do you learn?

    A psychometric test for evaluting how well you can learn a programming language.
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    I guess most of the people on this board won't have any problems at all with those questions.
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    I don't think that this website really evaluates "how well do you learn programming languages?"
    I agree with Sang-drax, it's very easy.

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    Cool test

    I did that lil test got the first one right, that was hella easy the second one I guessed right, some how it just made sence. I really get the third one but I didn't want to put in the effort in to understanding it right now, I'm sure I could of gotten it if I tried.
    I like test like them, if you have more post em.

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    damn that was easy
    that really has nothing to do with how well you learn languages, it's how well you understand the structure of programming itself....not even that really, it's mostly just logic, if this then that, which would be programming, but it never says whats the best language to use in this situation, or which code would be correct to do this...kinda lame.

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    When I applied for my c/c++/.Net development training classes, they made us take the wonderlic test.

    It's supposed to evaluate how well you can learn in general. Just search google for wonderlic test.

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