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    Originally posted by face_master
    When you were 15 (like me) what did you want to become when you grew up and what are you now?
    a Tv repair man but ended up in the military(retired) and law(retiring soon).
    Thnx to god!
    maybe i can be an angel next??
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    At 15, I was totally undecided. I had assumed, after the rapid advances in space in the late 60's that by the time I was ready to be welcomed by the work market, that the jobs available would be exciting off-world adventures in space. Humph!

    I got nagged by my mother into following my glowing chemistry results into a career of mixing smelly things together to produce even smellier ones. Somehow I discovered geochemistry was much less smelly, and Earth Sciences beckoned.

    After two years of geology, with the help of a pale°ntology lecturer named Pip Gurr, I discovered computers, (or at least the late '70's ICL mainframe the uni had), and did not look back until many years later.

    Now I am a professional software engineer, and grind out a living doing something I no longer love, but am relatively good at.


    So, at 15, go for a broad, general education and pick a course with knowledge when you are ready to.

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    I wanted to be part of a band, still do, and it's starting to come around. So all in all shoot for your dreams man, they come true more often than you think.
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    When I was 15 I wanted to be a news anchor. I think that was my focus at the time, I was a part of the daily newscast at my school and was particularly fond of the limelight. Then about a year later I was introduced to programming and my focus shifted slightly.

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    I allways wanted to play in the NBA. Unfortuantly I was never drafted (I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to bad for that ). then I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Mom wasn't to happy about it plus I was to tall. So I took the next best thing, become an engeneer. now that I am almost one, I found a new goal, air traffic control. What will it be next year, an astronaut

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    when i was 15 i wanted to be a palaeontologist or a photographer - studied biology and palaeontology at university and got into computers once i graduated ... i still take pictures though and dinosaur bones can send me into paroxysms of delight
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    When I was 15 I wanted to be 16, and now that I am, nothign went right for the most part.
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    When I was 15 I wanted to be 16, and now that I am, nothign went right for the most part.
    lol thats funny. Ever since i was 11 i wanted to be a programmer, and now i am(yes at 17)

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    When i was 15 I wanted a career where i could get rich and be happy and give money to the poor and have a wonderful family...but mostly I wanted to get laid. Oh wait, I still do.
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    Talking reply

    I'm still 15 and I want to do something in 3D modelling or programming. Not sure which yet. Doesn't stop me from doing both in my spare time though...
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    Uhh I wanted to be a computer engineer (hardware) and get my degree at MIT.

    Now (a year later) I'm shifting away from that towards Computer Science (programming), but I still would like to go to MIT.

    But then again, I've become very laid back in the last 6 months and I will probably be happy in my life even if I don't make a lot of money.

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    I wanted to be rich and successful....well....still waiting

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    at 15 I wanted the samething I want right now (at 16) and will always want...warm apple pie and I ain't talking about the kind your grandma makes either...

    I started programming a few months before I turned 16 and now a few months after I turned 16 I still like programming and will probably persue programmnig to be my career.

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    >> at 15 I wanted the samething I want right now (at 16) and will always want...warm apple pie <<

    (i'll say it again) Booya!!!!! (deserves more exclamation marks)

    >> I ain't talking about the kind your grandma makes either...

    In your case, we are, if you catch my drift...Ewwww nasty!

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    when i was 15 i wanted to be a game im programming I LOVE IT
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