Thread: Republicans are in trouble...

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    Republicans are in trouble...

    You know I was thinking about it over the weekend. I think the republicans here in the US are in serious trouble.

    If you didn't know they used Bush and sabre rattling to win control of all branches of the US government recently. Though the judicial branch doesn't matter as much here since it isn't elected.

    The next election is two years away. In that time the chances are (in my opinion) that the economy isn't going to make some major turn around, and while people outside the US may see the biggest issue of this country politically being the war on Iraq, it isn't. The most important issue to American's in the recent elections was local economies, jobs, medical care, education etc. Going on my theory that there isn't going to be a massive turn around, the next election puts up some serious issues for the republicans. Even moreso since the next election is a presidential one and many more people will be voting, especially the lower and middle class. And what will they be thinking when they reach the polls/ The economy hasn't changed in the past couple years and the GOP has had total control. Time for a change.

    Now some may say, "sure but they get their 2 years!" However, other than destroying the enviroment (which they've already started now that the election's over) they won't be able to do much since they still don't have anywhere near the 60 votes needed to do something outright in the senate. Plus recently it has been the trend for moderates on both side to cross the ilse and vote on the issue, making it even harder.

    I think in 2 yrs the republicans will be in serious risk of loosing big time in the elections, after not getting much done over that time.

    Please express your opinion but keep the one liners to a minimum.

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    those that think the government (either party in charge) has that much control over the economy are foolish.

    So long as the government doesn't interfere, free market running wild will do what it does, cycles and all.

    edit: Ok, now there's more than one line. I thought I made my point with one though.
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    > has that much control over the economy are foolish

    True... I wonder what would happen if Greenspan came out to give a speech one day and said "Aww, screw it - we're done for!" and ran away.

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    True... I wonder what would happen if Greenspan came out to give a speech one day and said "Aww, screw it - we're done for!" and ran away.
    i would run the same direction he is

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