Thread: I Beat DOOM II !!!

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    I beat it on Ultra-Violence no sweat.


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    No sweat is hard to believe, but I believe you did it. Im playing the expansion levels now and Id like to see you try beating them on Ultra Vioence at all! They are HARD!
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    O yea, well try beating Doom 3, I know its not out yet, but your mission is to break into Id and get it while taking out the demon-ish looking security guards, and opening the doors and crapping your pants when you come face to face with a demon from the most deepest dephs of hell OH GOD PLEASE SAVE ME!!!!!!!!.....sorry, i got carried away...
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    Have you noticed that 'insane' seems to be a popular word in this thread?

    Maybe like the people who play Doom too seriously. Its a GAME
    Such is life.

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    I can't believe people actually beat it on Nightmare. :0

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    You mean people actually beat it on nightmare???? oh my gosh...Every single episode that I have beaten, I have beaten on Ultra-Violence.

    I was attempting to beat it Episode I of Doom I on Nightmare until I discovered the expansion Doom II episodes. So now I am beating the expansion Doom II episodes on Ultraviolence. Once I beat them, I will go back to my Episode I Doom I game. Last I remember I was on level 5 in nightmare.

    Nightmare is so freakin hard....
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    I know! I thought it was impossible!
    What sourceport are you using? ZDoom2 is THE BEST.
    -Save the whales. Collect the whole set.

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