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    I'm not very sure but I think black holes are like this.
    They have a very powerful gravity that even light can't escape it.

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    You can't see inside a black hole, at least past the event horizon, but you can see where a black hole is by the energy created as matter rushes into a/o around it. It would also be like looking into a dark doorway. You can't see inside but you can see a door is there.
    As for bending light, I don't see how that would work. Once the light is bent, it would have to be re-bent around an object in an exactly parallel manner, or you'd have a cone of invisibility. It would also have to do this in a spherical manner to be invisible from all 3-D sides.

                          \  Invisibilty   / Bent Light Rays
                           \                 / <----|
                            \              /
                             \            /
                              \         /
                               \ X X /  
                                \   /
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