Thread: SSF file format & "Zealous"

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    SSF file format & "Zealous"

    alright, so I'm over at my friend's house, and someone crashed into his dad's store (attached to his house). Well they have security cameras, and we're sitting here trying to figure out how to convert the program "Zealous" for secuirty cameras' .SSF file format to something readable by windows media player or quicktime. has no information on the subject, and this is driving us nuts.

    any help?

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    Hmm. All I get on .ssf files is a program called "Enable", for spreadsheets. I assume your video cameras aren't outputting spreadsheets...

    This is quite strange. A company in the business of making computer parts and I can only find one page on Google that references them... And it is only a reseller, no mention of their homepage...


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    use a video capture program

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    will somethign from video capture hold up in court?
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