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    >We where discusing this saturday at the youth group I go to. Basicly God puts you were you need to be. Your life.<

    Let me see if I can state this better witch I can't. Your life is the one that is best for you it's your calling. Any other life would not fit you no matter how down yours may be, and how great someone elses life is.
    I shall call egypt the harmless dragon

    -Isaiah 30.7

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    I often wonder what it'd be like if you were me. Wouldn't that be something? This is why I have totally abandoned christianity. How could God forsake you like this? I am now a buddhist and thus pray every night that you will all be reborn as me.
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    Like Plato and Descartes before me..."I Think Therefore I am!"

    IS there anyone else in mind? Maybe.
    "Be formless, shapeless, like water... You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot... Now water can flow, or it can crash, be water my friend."
    -Bruce Lee

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    I am now a buddhist and thus pray every night that you will all be reborn as me.
    lol, thats great. Though i may be wrong, i believe in the scientific perspective on evolution, leaving no room for a "God" therefore making religion erraneous, who knows, i may be wrong and be hitting back shooters with Satin 10 miles below when i die.

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    have any of you ever thought that you may be alittle bit mad? I always conidered myself somewhat different but sane. I was wrong, i did an online test (provided by the university of new york) to assess my personality.

    Apparently i show prominent signs of clinical depression and symptoms that are reflective of personality disorders and anxiety.

    yey! im a fruitcake!
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    yey! im a fruitcake!
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    not to argue one religion of another but
    >>leaving no room for a "God"
    hasn't there been mathematical equations proving that there was one "something" before anything else? Sort of a possible creator? anyhow, just wondering if anyone else had heard of or knew the names of these experimental equations.

    But on another note
    >>cannot accept the thought of nothingess
    very true. I've always wondered what happens when the universe collapses in on itself leaving nothing...essentially, it seems impossible for everything to just dissappear, because if it did, then there would be no trace that it had existed. It just seems like all the energy that is contained within the universe couldn't just disappear (using current scientific law). The energy also had to have gotten here somewhere (referring back to those equations up top). I'm realy not sure on where i stand on this, have you ever actually been able to think about what it would be like for there to be absolutely nothing? It's like my brain just stops working.
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    Originally posted by iain
    yey! im a fruitcake!
    lol, perhaps you should rephrase that statement....

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