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    lol, today I said to him jokingly "ok mate, your the man..." and gave him a thumbs up when he payed me out and he gave me the most evil death-stare. He gives them to every one. Hes one creepy kid.

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    Dimm @##

    I used to work for a blue shirted electronic store as a PC Technician. Now I could go on for days about how many stupid people buy computers without knowing what they want or what they are getting but I'll narrow it down to one.

    This story involves memory, DIMM' to be more exact. Now anyone that is familiar with memory knows the DIMM slot are 168-pin and have they own designated memory slots on the motherboard. Well this "DO-It-Yourself" customer brings in his system and plops it down on our bench saying that our memory made his computer not work.

    First I'm thinking, um we only sell it not make it but whatever. I tell him taht since he installed it himself we will have to charge him for taking a look at it and installing the memory if he so chooses. He agrees, paperwork is filled out, I hook it up to the test station adn sure enough no power comes from the system. He leaves adn I set it to the side to work on systems that were before his.

    When I do get to it the first thing I do is open the case and look inside. What I saw I have never , ever, evre seen before nor have I seen anything like this ever again. He was using a 586-based Processor with of course, a 586-based motherboard. Now he didn't have any DIMM slots on this board only SIMM slots. OK oncemore, SIMM slots=72pin DIMM slots=168-pin. So which one do you think this guy bought and tried to install? Right, the DIMM but where did he install it you ask? Well if you know anythign about motherboards, you will remember that the 586-based boards had ISA slots on them. Now I have never thought about attempting this myself but leave it to a "Know-It-All" customer to try it. He installed the DIMM memory INTO THE ISA SLOT!!!!! I didn't say he tried to install it, he actually got it in there!! I think I luaghed for a solid 20 minutes. I called everyone in the store that knew anythign about computers and had them look.

    By the way, he fried both the memory and the motherboard, I didn't charge him a cent for the laugh and I took pictures of the memory int eh slot. so if anyone would like to view it email me and I will gladly send you a copy.
    heres the picture!

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    holy crap!
    how in the world did he get taht in there without cracking the board????
    good god! that has to be the best hillbilly hack job upgrade i've ever seen!

    That's even better than what happened today at school
    I do service with our network administrator/all around computer fixer upper. I've been taking some of her work load so today I had to go down to the elementary because one of the computers that was just reparied wasn't working. Now before i go any further i have to tell you what had happened to this computer. The cd rom's motor gave out because some little kid put a cd in wrong and it got caught somehow under the tray (don't ask me, they're kids). Anyhow this guy who's been hired to fix the computers every other day or so when he's needed was selected to fix it. Now this guy loves candy, rmember that. So I unplug this computer and take off the case....and i start up by the cd rom because that was what was messed up, perhaps he put something in wrong and it wouldn't start up....that was fine, and no sooner than i look down did i notice the motherboard. IT WAS COVERED IN MELTED CHOCOLATE! The guy had left a baby ruth bar sitting on the hard drive or something while he was fixing it, from what i can tell it fell and he forgot about it and put the case back on. So as soon as this bad boy fired up it began to get warm.....warm enough to melt the chocolate bar and cover the board with hot nuget and peanuts. I looked at the teacher, and she asked me if that would be a problem and if it could be fixed...i just could not contain myself, i burst out laughing for a good 5 minutes. Needless to say i had to buy a new motherboard today.
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