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    Windows Mind Control

    Have you (for any reason) listened to music on Windows Media Player and messed about with the visualisations.

    I am telling you they alter your mind.

    Just stare at them in full screen for 30 seconds.

    Try 'Star Power' and 'neon highway'-just for starters.

    They make you feel 'a bit odd'

    Kind of links to thread about M/S taking over the world with mind control niceley.

    Still, with overall revenue of $7.75bn (rise of 26%) and earnings up $1bn to $4.05bn for qtr ending 30th Sept....who needs to take over the world?

    Yes yes I know its due to the new licensing.

    oh yes, I am using that version 9 pre release version, but I think most of them loony inducing things are on older versions.
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    If you want your eyes to fall out of your head, and/or find yourself helplessly flailing around, set it to "neon-highway" and listen to the MethodMan and RedMan remix of "Good Times" by P-diddy, loop it about 4 times


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    oh yeah, and anything hip-hop has to be very loud... in case you're ignorant

    so blast it! stare.... and hope Hillbillie doesn't take the song too seriously!

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