Thread: Do all students get student loans, or can you get it rejected?

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    Question Do all students get student loans, or can you get it rejected?

    I was just curious. Are all students eligible to receive student loans for college? Does the government require that all students get accepted for student loan applications?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    heh you can get rejected. I promise. Flat out aide is rejected, if the family has enough cash and/or assets. Usually you'll get some sory of loan though, I think, but that doesn't mean it'll be much. I've heard of people who got as little as $3000.

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    I think it ultimately depends on the school.

    Personally, I have never heard of anyone being denied a student loan for any reason, but I am in no way saying that it doesn't happen.

    From my own personal experience, you can be denied Financial Aid (grants, scholarships, stipends, loans, etc) in certain instances. For example, at the University I attend, 12 semester hours is considered full time. If you drop a class and take a total course load under 12 hours you accrue deficient hours (say I'm taking 12 and drop a 3 hour course, that means I am only enrolled in 9 hours, therefore I will be deficient 3 hours). Well if the total hour deficient reaches 7, you are terminated form (all forms) of financial aid, including loans.

    Keep in mind there are more than just one type of loan. There is the Federal Subsidized Student Loans (where the government pays the interest while you are enrolled in school), Federal Unsubsidized Student Loans (where you pay off the interest while enrolled in school), and there is a third type that parents can get for their children that has a lower interest rate.

    I think the aid kermi3 is talking about is federal Pell (and other) grants. Those are usually reserved for people who are "in need". But as far as I know, no one that I know of or have heard of has been rejected for a student loan, even for bad credit. Hell my credit is abysmal, and I still get them.

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    If you call it student loans (like you did), you must be in UK.

    If so, you cannot be turned down even if you are registered BANKRUPT!

    Unless you have pots of cash that is.

    Apart from that, you will be ok.
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    Stay away from student loans if at all possible. They can really bite you in the ass later. When you get out of school, the last thing you want is to be saddled with debt.
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    In Sweden, student loans are very profitable for the student. The interest is very low and you are only required to pay back if you have a good salary.

    But every University in Sweden is free anyway...
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    Hi, thanks for the help.

    I'm currently taking c++ "corporate" training, but I really don't know if I can pay the money for college right now, especially if I go to a school with a 10k + tuition.

    I just need something to help me get through now, and I'll pay later. I just don't have anyone willing to pay for me.

    My main concern is the degree!

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    Try to get grants and scholorships before applying for your loans.

    I don't know your situation, but most of the time you can find something... even if it is only a little.

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    I'm hoping to get a job, and have them pay for my tuition. But I'm not sure how things will work out for me due to the economy.

    I'm not concerned about paying loans back later. I'd just like to have a degree

    Plus, if I get a job as a programmer, I might not have the time to go back to school, so I'm not sure how things will work out. I'd like to go back to college to enjoy myself.


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