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  • 30 to 40K per year

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  • 40 to 50K per year

    2 28.57%
  • 50 to 60K per year

    2 28.57%
  • 60 to 70K per year

    1 14.29%
  • 70 to 80K per year

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  • 80 to 90K per year

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  • 90 to 100+ per year

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Thread: What to expect for pay rate developing software

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    What to expect for pay rate developing software

    What is the actual salary of most programmers? I know that the average seems to be about 60K, but I see a wide range of salaries going from about 40K to 150K.

    If you have a job please vote under the appropriate salary range, and of course that information is kept secret.

    Note it is in the American dollar.

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    It really depends on your skill level and what your going to be doing. But around here (atlanta) the average ive seen is between 50 and 60 a year for junior level programmers, and can go up to 120k for a senior programmer.

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    I hope to be making 40K plus at a junior level, and then advance to higher salaries as I become more senior. What is the average national salary of the USA?
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    Grr, there's a website for that... I bookmarked it but I can't find it right now..
    I'm sure someone knows, it was posted on here afterall

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    Salary probably varies widely between locale and experience. I live in a semi-rural area, there aren't many programmers here. I'd guess the average salary at $50K, could be higher or lower a bit. People who live here are here for the environment, not the pay. At a guess, going to a big city like Chicago would increase salary by at least 50%, maybe more, but then you'd have to live in a big city.
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    Market is tough right now so that national average could be slightly misleading (you'd be lucky to find a job, especially a high paying one).
    I just took an entry level job (in July) at 42K from small 'start up'.
    Within another year I'd say the market should look better again.

    /* Edit: your geographical region also plays a large role in salary */

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