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Thread: Union Strike

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    Union Strike

    over the last few weeks members of shipping unions went on strike to generally get better wages and treatment.

    one of the reasons the strike happened was because some clerk jobs were to be eliminated because of the electronic streamlining of data. if these clerks were to keep their jobs, their jobs would be essentially to read all incoming electronic data and type it into the database.

    where do you stand? should these workers keep their jobs at the cost of some efficiency, or should these jobs be eliminated and all electronic data be sent directly to the databases?

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    ygf, you are definately gonna be a future politician.

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    Well, it's definetly ineffecient to keep them at that job. I'd say fire them...however, with the money saved by using all electronic shipping orders, offer to train the employee's at new posts (perhaps keeping these systems running), or assign them to posts on delivery and the like. If they are qualified, some could be promoted. But, there would be no way you could transfer all of them, some would end up without a job.

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    It's always the same isn't it?

    People love the competition generated by supply and demand when it means that they get low prices on the high street for what would be otherwise unaffordable goods. But when the boot is on the other foot and those same forces of competition mean that peoples jobs are under threat from cheaper labour abroad or replacement by machines/computers etc, they start crying about it.

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    The union wasn't on strike. The owners locked them out, alleging the workers were purposely working slowly as a contract negotiation tactic.
    The union generally acknowledges that technology will be coming in, but wants the technology jobs to be union as well, while the owners disagree. That's the impasse, not wages, benefits or even overall job losses.
    Anyway, I think they reached a tentative settlement.
    For a programming perspective, look at how many programmers/tech workers got upset with the relaxed immigration quotas allowing tens of thousands of lower wage immigrants with tech skills into the country, thereby keeping existing wages lower.
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    That's a good question. And the answer is, I'm not sure.

    How about this for a question. With advances in drag&drop IDEs and higher level languages, can we eliminate the need for programmers?
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    We got an in with the CGI guys over at Hollywood, movie like The Matrix et al will keep people from worrying about a computer that could program for itself.

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