Thread: Nero CD recording take long time

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    Originally posted by DarkViper
    i still like my burn 'n' go software.

    You just dont like your brother now that he kicked it huh?

    Anyhow, my dvd is set as master,burner as slave......only takes 3 mins to burn on nero with mine. And never once had an error.Maybe thats the writer though.
    Such is life.

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    burn 'n go software i got for $25 and i never had a problem with it.urns efficiently too. and the kit cam with cd stamper and label creator.
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    You people

    Whats with you people and acctualy 'buying' software havent u ever heard of

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    Re: You people

    Originally posted by krappykoder
    Whats with you people and acctualy 'buying' software havent u ever heard of
    didn't u read the board rules?

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    Whats with you people and acctualy 'buying' software havent u ever heard of
    Yeah and what's with people buying cars? Haven't you heard of a junkyard? And the same goes with food...haven't you heard of a dumpster behind McDonalds? Oh oh wait two different things...

    Mr. (or Mrs or Ms) krappykoder, I recommend you taking that link off. Pirating software is illegal the last time I checked.

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