Thread: hmm, scary but fun

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    hmm, scary but fun

    I've never used linux before, and now it's on my computer

    i installed mandrake 9 on an extra harddrive, was pretty idiot friendly.

    a few questions:

    1. where is a good place for a linux noob to go to become less noob?

    2. somewhere among the dust i have o'reilly's "big pimpin linux" or whatever that famous (infamous?) book is called. never opened it. should i?

    3. during install my soundcard was not detected. i told it i had an ISA soundcard. it said after install to run some config thing that i didnt write down and dont remember, so no sound for now. any pointers in the right direction on this? The card is a authentic vintage non-PNP SB16, and if nessecary i can provide the IRQ, i/o port #s, dma channels, that the jumpers on the card are set to.

    Thanks, sorry if i seem like a lame person who wont do their own looking, but its only a few little questions, and i promise i'll never ask more, well not ones this stupid anyway.
    hello, internet!

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    Re: hmm, scary but fun

    well i solved the soundcard all by myself, i feel so speshul
    hello, internet!

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    I'm also running Mandrake 9... so are a lot of others around here

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