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    Well, I lost a lot of points on my program (test grade), because my teacher is the biggest idiot in the world. He said for me to include extra "pizzaz", so I did. But when appearantly when he was grading the program he didn't understand what it was for; I would up getting docked like 15 points out of 100. I had him come look at the program with me so I could explain it to him, but he still didn't understand. He was telling me that I don't need to have that there, while I was trying to explain to him that it was my "pizzaz". I couldn't get him to understand the least bit. The program was only to display the total charges on a phone bill after getting the info of what the bill length period was and the total minutes used with already knowing the rate was $.21 per minute. My extra "pizzaz" was that I showed the average amount of minutes used per day and the average charge per day, but I still showed what the total charges were. Basically the guy is so d*mn dumb that he couldn't understand that me including the extra stuff was my pizzaz.

    The main reason I think he couldn't understand is b/c he said my layout was too confusing lol...tell me if you think it is or not:

    Bill Period Length     Total Minutes     Avg Minutes Per Day
             30                 300                   10
                                            Avg charge per day - $ 2.10
                                            Total Charge       - $63.00
    All in all, I was pretty ........ed off that I lost points, because my teacher is a moron. It really was a sad site to see him not being able to understand. But I guess that's what you get for a high school, Pascal teacher.

    So R-o-D, don't feel bad about not being able to move onto learning more complex c++. I am stuck with Pascal, which is already bad enough, but we just now started getting into simple if statements. Yippy!

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    >>That kind of lost me, can u elaborate?

    Theres a small section on classes on this page.
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    thanks tech, nice to know i'm not the only one. Shes not going to cover classes or anything, so i plan to boggle her mind with my final program using things she didn't teach ya know.

    Thnx L@D, i appreciate it.

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