Thread: Anybody want to make money off me?

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    Anybody want to make money off me?

    Anybody know of a library that I could get for free or not for free (maybe someone on this cboard) that adds quick and easy database functionality? I'm willing to pay for this which is quite amazing...

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    Before you get an flood of offers, I'd think it's best to highlight the rules regarding selling/advertising of products on here (#13).

    Anyway, you didn't specify a language and type of DB you want to interface to?
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    If you use the MFC, it has database classes. It's still C++, so nothing is really quick and easy, but it's ok to use.

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    Anybody want to make money off me?
    Ok, but I'll have to meet you in Nevada or Thailand because i think this scheme is illegal most other places.
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    Ever heard of ODBC???

    Using windows? - try ADO or DAO one or both provide connectivity to most DB's.
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