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    Just thought of something

    Wouldn't it be a good idea for a company to fill boards like these with experienced and intelligent people? Therefore, when newb's asked what books/compilers/ect to use, the person could recommend their own product.

    Now that I think of it.... Fordy really does seem to like Microsoft....

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    No it wouldn't because rule 14 strictly forbids it heh....anything blatently like that would be quickly deleted.

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    Who said anything about blatant? The user could just recommend all of their company's products when someone else asks? I.E. A newbie asks which compiler is the best and the person recommends MSVC++. Something simple like that could gain a product publicity and maybe even sales. If it comes from a knowledgable user, even more people will pay attention.

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    Example: Microsoft advertises to millions. I think they'll waste their time trying to advertise their products in a message board such as this.
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    5,793 think I come here to hawk copies of VC++????


    Jesus...that kills me!

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    I wonder how many people have bought Petzold for example after reading the reco's here?
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    Actually I read an article recently about the new form of advertising and it explains how companies would give popular people products for free if they signed a contract that states they would try to promote them. Basically companies like Nike are giving popular college students around campus free Nike shoes so as long as they promote their shoes. If the other students see the popular student wearing the shoes, then they'll think it's cool for them to wear the shoes. Well, the advertising technique goes something along those lines.

    I thought that seemed similar to what golfinguy describes...

    Hey, I know if MS wants to give me free products, then I'll glady go around promoting them without making it too obvious. For that matter if any company wants to do that with me...

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    It was a joke about Fordy. But seriously, think about how easily a company could do that.

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