Thread: Looking for a laptop?

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    Looking for a laptop?

    I need a lap top for work wich has a CD ROM 3.5Floppy and 2pcmcia slots.

    I also want a 3d graohics card to play games and i would like to have good but it does not have to be the best graphics. maybe 64 mem. I dont want XP because i hate the fact that you have to find hardware to work with it. 98 will do fine unless 2000 will allow me to play games still.

    A docking station would be nice but i dont need it. And atleast 512ram. i think a 20 - 40 gig hard drive is standard but 20gig will do

    Any sugesstions?

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    I have an HP OmniBook Xe3, which has all of the things you mentioned, but with 256 RAM

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