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    Originally posted by Ride -or- Die
    hah check this out:
    Ooh, my favorite. I'll be going there all the time now!

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    I think this board would be a better place if everyone who answered a question post could satisfactorially answer the question "Who does this post help?" in regards to what they were planning on submitting prior to posting it for all to see.

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    Google, is very helpful.
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    Keep it clean and SPAM free please, there have been complaints

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    check this out this is a google mirror.. virtually

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    they even put the scroll bar on the left. Pretty cool. Too bad they don't make your text go in backwards when you type it
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    I don't see why I should google to help someone who would be able to google himself. Thoughtless questions get thoughtless answers.

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    I simply LOVE, it the greatest search engine´.

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