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Thread: ~Lucid dreaming~

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    Also reminds me of the episode in Seinfeld where George goes against his instinct and everything he has learned. Then all sort of good things started happening to him. Not suggesting you to do that though, but there is a lesson to be learned from that.
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    I often dream that I am lucid dreaming.... but I wake myself up before waking up.

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    I found the best way to induce lucid dreaming is to constantly check your waking hours whether you are awake, whenever you get the chance. Do an obvious mental check. Also choose an object that you have a very high chance of seeing in your dream, like your hands or something like that. Every time you see it, tell yourself that you are dreaming and you should wake up.

    Eventually you will find yourself doing this in your dreams and you will wake recognise this cue to become "lucid". It can be very intense that is for sure.

    I can't realy take credit for these techniques, as they are the ones that the Lucid Dreaming institute print in one of their books - but it has worked for me.
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    I did some research on lucid dreaming about a year ago (or maybe less), but didn't really follow through with it. A lot of sites have techniques on them, a common one being to keep a "dream journal." Anyways, I've never had a lucid dream, and I hardly ever remember my dreams usually....I wanted CShot to do some interpreting for me .

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    I've had a couple of "Lucid Dreams" in my life till now, and they were fun. I could control the role of each of the characters in my dreams. The first dream was more of a nightmare than a pleasant one initially. There was some beast chasing me, and when I realized I was dreaming, I beat the beast without fear. The feeling was awesome! I don't quiet remember about the second one, but quiet sure was something very interesting!

    Also, I used to get the dream wherein I would be falling from a real high platform and would wake up just before touching the ground. A real scary thing! Heard from somewhere that if you don't wake up before hitting the ground, you are dead in the real world. But I doubt it's true because, I hit the ground once in my dream, and i'm still alive (or is it my ghost??? )

    And yes, I once had a dream, where somebody shot me in my chest and I died in my dream!

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    I used to have lucid dreams all the time when I was younger. It was great. However, one day I started having horrible nightmares. These nightmares didn't stop. As soon as I realized I was dreaming I would think in my head "I really hope ____ doesn't happen" where the blank is something unspeakable. Guess what? It did happen. So then I would concentrate extremely hard on waking up and I eventually would. So now when I dream I don't really realize I am like I used to. Sometimes I do but maybe 1/70 times or so. Actually, I hardly even get into R.E.M (rapid eye movement) anymore because I'm a college student and I spend a lot of time studying late at night. Anyways, enough rambling.
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