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Thread: What type of PC do you choose?

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    Registered User TravisS's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    I do still have my Voodoo 5. It was the first replacement/addon part to my computer. In fact I ordered it around that card. Told gateway to put the ****tiest graphics card they had on it. I still own the card, and use it. Even in Win XP with really no problems.

    Damn Nvidia. I will never buy one of their cards. What they did do us voodoo owners is crap... but that's off the subject of this thread

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    Just a Member ammar's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    I have an HP notebook, I think it's great.
    I like notebooks much more than desktops.

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    Jun 2002
    Here is a great contact wholesaler for all of those you want to rebuild or upgrade their pc's pretty cheap. The goods are very reliable and they do have 1yr warrenty on all their products maybe more. I have bought from them and have had no problems since.
    Here is thier website tcwo for you to b rowse and see.
    Thanks for the other website as well folks, its apprciated!
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    Oct 2002
    For power users like ourselves it's much better to build our own computers so we can customize them. For a regular user like family members I always suggest them to buy from a manufacturer because the price of a decent home computer is so cheap right now and they only use them for email and web surfing.
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    Sep 2001
    > they only use them for email and web surfing.

    With the occasional slot games, pinball, educational software, mild video games, etc. A 350 - 500 mhz pc with a small sized 3d card is all they need for pc power, and that configuraion is mad cheap.

    The only thing they _need_ to be satisfied/have decent performance etc. is broadband. Broadband is important for them, that will really make them _think_ their pc is pretty nifty ...they'll never exploit 1.4ghz+
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    Oct 2002
    I'm definitely more than a poweruser and my main machine is a PIII 550 with 320 MB RAM so it's not blazing by any means but gets the job done for me. I'm about to buy a new mobo, processor, and case though and will probably go with a Athlon 1.47 ghz or something around there. I have no need to keep up with the Jones' and buy a 2+ ghz...It would be a waste for me.
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    Bios Raider biosninja's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    South Africa
    I prefer a custom biult pc. Right now, I'm using a Compaq. Looking forward to biulding my pc in a few months time when I'm done saving

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    Banned Troll_King's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    I'm going to purchase the new Sun Microsystems Home PC when it becomes available in 2003.

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