Thread: C/C++ Vs Java

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    I agree completely in that aspect.. but what i am trying to say is... You cannot use them as in C++...... And you cannot use JAVA to write system level programs..

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    >You cannot use them as in C++
    No surprise. Java is a completely different language than C++, it was designed with different goals for a different audience. To expect Java to be comparable in any way to C or C++ is incredibly naive. The only reason that C++ is compared to C is because one of the design goals of C++ was to match C in every conceivable way while making improvements.

    >Java is better than most Microsoft programmers would give it credit for.
    I'm not a Microsoft programmer, and I feel that Java (while a nice language) just doesn't have a good feel to it. On a side note, restricting your comments to Microsoft programmers hurts your credibility because it appears that you have a narrow view of the issues. Nobody listens to somebody so biased as to ignore any arguments not agreeing with theirs.

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    I think that:
    C++ is much better than Java in terms of writting programs.
    Java is great in writting Java Applets and now Java is being used in some new Mobile Phones.

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    i took two years or classes in C++, this year i am learning java. So far its been pretty easy, very similar in syntax to c++. However for beginners i think c/c++ is easier, because you can make non object oriented programs.

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