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    I'm 6' 0''/175 lbs. - hair color, or what used to pass for hair color (think "Paul Newman"...without the looks), is irrelevant.


    The primary function of the liver is to metabolize fat for energy, by far the body's greatest source of energy.

    Wanna be bored? 9 calories/gram for fat as opposed to 4 calories/gram for carb's and protein.

    When the kidneys are forced, beyond their capabilities, to process the fluids in the body into something usable, the liver kicks in to assist. (Hence, the connection that alcoholics have between kidney and liver disease, among other things unpleasant.)

    When the body is sated with pure water, tap water being OK - depending on where you live, of course - the kidneys do their jobs and the liver does its job.

    Of course, a little "getting off your arse" doesn't hurt either.

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    Originally posted by Davros
    >I'm roughly 110 lbs, 5' 6" and have a 26 1/2 inch waist line

    Do you have take care when walking over gratings to avoid falling between the gaps? My leg must 26 inches in diameter.

    Send me your address & I'll get my mum to post you some food parcels.

    just kidding!
    are you saying in width eahc of your legs are about 2 feet wide!!!!!!!!!
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    2 foot wide legs would be damn big

    - edit -
    Diameter is the distance a circle is wide, unless I'm wrong.
    So yeah, 2 feet and 2 inch wide legs!@$?!@$?
    What kind of PANTS does this guy wear?
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    OK I made a typo. It should have read 26' in circumference.

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    well i am 5' 8" (5 Feet 8 inch).. and i am around 165 pounds.. I reduced around 10 ponds after going to the gym from last 2 months.. I am planin to reduce another 25 pounds with heavy gymin and diet... And i have also grown some muscles like triceps, biceps etc etc.. makes me feel good...

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    Do you mean FAT or FAT32

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