Thread: Blanket clemency!?

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    Justice cannot logically be given to the individual (obviously). Thats why we have law enforcement. We entrust them to make the best decisions for our society as a whole.

    >>Is the DP abused and flawed? YES, but that doens't mean its immoral.

    I wouldnt say its flawed. It seems to do exactly what its intended to do; Kill people. I'd say its immoral when innocent people die to satisfy the bloodlust of entirely unrelated people.
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    Do we have the right to kill people?
    Is capital punishment wrong?
    I do believe that in some cases it should be done, if you take a life, you DO NOT deserve to enjoy the fruits of your own, even if it was in a jail cell. I'm POSITIVE the person you killed would be more than willing to take your place in that cell, just to be alive again. I personally could not sentence someone to death, which is of course hypocritical of me.
    As far as the aforementioned some cases goes: if there is any doubt in the world that the person did not commit the crime, then sed person should recieve life imprisonment, but if the ruling is beyond the shadow of a doubt, then let em have it.
    It's a very complicated subject, but because of human nature, i believe that capitol punishment is here to stay.
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