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Thread: shareware

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    Hamster without a wheel iain's Avatar
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    Aug 2001


    prompted by a post about the image protectiion software, does anyone ever actually pay for shareware or just continue using it?
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    Dec 2001
    If I was equally rich to, or richer than the sultan of Brunei, I would. I am not, so I don't.

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    Registered User hk_mp5kpdw's Avatar
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    Jan 2002
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    If I really find a shareware/trial version of some software program useful, then I will send them money and register the product. I did this for WinZip because I think its a good product and I use it all the time.
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    geek SilentStrike's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Just got out of my discrete math course...

    <overly literal interpretation of question>
    I'd imagine almost everyone either pays for the shareware or continues to use it (people who aren't in that set don't pay for shareware AND don't continue to use it).
    </overly literal interpretation of question>

    I think you mean, does anyone actually pay for shareware?

    The only shareware product I remember using regularly is winzip... which I have never paid for. I frequently pay for retail versions of software after using demos though (JCreator, various games), and I am a member of mandrake club, which is kind of like shareware (get everything for free, but support them because you think they are doing a good job and want them to persist).
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    Code Monkey Davros's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    Most of my software in use is freeware or shareware. Pay only when I have to or well worth it.

    TextPad (paid for)
    StarOffice 5.2 (free - but thinking about paying for 6.0)
    GhostView (free)
    Eudora (thinking about paying for full version)
    Opera (tried to pay but transaction failed)
    Virus Checker (free)
    Firewall on my old win95 machine (free)

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    The way you phrased your question, i dont understand it...
    if i pay for it, do i select "YES" or do i select "NO"?

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    End Of Line Hammer's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Lets just make sure this thread doesn't go near rule #6. vasanth, I think you're just past it, hence I removed your post.
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    S Sang-drax's Avatar
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    May 2002
    Göteborg, Sweden

    Re: shareware

    Originally posted by iain
    does anyone ever actually pay for shareware or just continue using it?
    I'm no English expert, but I think this question is ambiguous.
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    Apr 2002
    The only shareware that I use is TextPad, which, like Davros, I paid for.

    I like to think that I have my moments.

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    Much older and wiser Fountain's Avatar
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    Dec 2001
    Certain shareware titles I suppose I would pay for. I do buy full titles however.

    Stuff like mailwasher is well worth having, but then again paying for it only removes a banner! It never expires-what's the point in that?

    Some people think users are nicer than what they are! And will donate. Yeh right.

    Shareware will only be paid for when it is secure-RE: Deleted post.

    And off topic, has any1 noticed I have got a double? Check out vegasSte and his profile. That is weird he lives in same City as me, and has an England flag as a piccy. Spooky.
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    Microsoft. Who? MethodMan's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    That is spooky, I kind of have a double too, he has the same avatar: bennyandthejets

    The only time I download shareware is if I need a program for a simple task, and it will do what I need, and Ill never need it again.

    Free Software
    AVG (Virus checker)
    Opera (has banners)
    TextPad (since everyone mentioned it, ill take a look at it)
    Acorbat, and GhostScript (Everyone has these free progs, at least one of them)

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    Code Monkey Davros's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    >Acorbat, and GhostScript (Everyone has these free progs, at least one of them)

    While Acrobat Reader is free from Adobe, Acrobat Writer is not. Whereas with GhostScript/GhostView, you can actually create PDFs for free.

    I mention this because I took a look at the Adobe website to see if they had a downloadable version of Acrobat Writer. They don't. So you have to go out and physical buy or order it.

    I suspect that they don't want their software being seen as shareware, as this may be seen a devaluation.

    An analogy would be when you buy a magazine, you are more likely to read it cover to cover. But if someone hands you one for free, then you're more likely to drop it in the bin (trash) without ever reading it (even if the articles are good).

    On the otherhand, I suspect the author of TextPad has made a lot of money. I know that TextPad is in wide spread use through out industry. I use it because it the only text editor I know of that can handle huge text files (i.e. 100MB). The author has been very astute in offering really useful functionality for free, while blending it with just the right level of nagging.
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    Skunkmeister Stoned_Coder's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    the only time ive ever paid for shareware was for 3 games. Exile,Exile2 and exile3 all made by spiderweb software. These were games for win3.1 and win95/98,were relatively inexpensive and were good fun.
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    eats only heads
    spider web is the only shareware company I have ever bought from with the acception of shareware I bought when almost everything was shareware. Many sharware programs are similar to another program which is free and does just as much if not more.

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    Look here:
    Donating to it was pretty close to paying for shareware.
    The community donated $100k in donations alone. $50 donations.

    -Save the whales. Collect the whole set.

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