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    Vasanth, you faker . You could've put more job into that fake score. The numbers are located at different altitude...
    Plus, the text isn't centered correctly, indicating that you added some extra digits...

    And yes, I also "cheated" to get my score...
    The point at getting high scores is to move the glove from the far right side to the far left side in so few frames as possible, and moving the mouse outside the brown screen halts the glove until you move it inside again... Now, how could that be abused...?
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    The only thing that's addicting is the music, when you get a 200+ score.

    That's amazing. The highest i've been able to get is ~700

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    That is the crappiest game I have ever played. Its not even funny, well those are my two cents.

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    Mine was genuine, never thought to get a screenie though. I'll have another quick go and post my best score...

    Edit : I'll post again later, I cant even beat 500 atm
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    hmmm..... so you found out.. yes i edited the image in paint.. may be if i took another few minutes i could have made it look more good...

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    I got 264 but after setting the mouse movement speed to maximum I got 447.

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    i like to spank the monkey...
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    891 mph!

    make that 1027 mph!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Prove it!!!!

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    How.......I have no idea how to get the proof like you guys! How did you get a copy of the score screen?

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    How did you get a copy of the score screen
    alt+printscreen and then ctrl+v it in mspaint

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    Talking Proof!

    1030 mph!! And i got the proof this time....!
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