Thread: Making your own O/S

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    Making your own O/S

    I dont want to make my own, but I know you can alter some O/Ss if they are open source. Why would you want to alter an O/S? What would you want to improve or implement in the O/S that isnt already there?

    Also, is this written in C and the assembly level?


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    A lot of people just play around with the source to learn some, and see how they work. As for what they're written in, generally the low-level parts are in ASM, although the majority is in C.

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    Honestly I'd like to build a toolkit that is based on Standard C++ programming. There are currently none out there right now. I would than use it to build a desktop. The best candidate software architecture is FreeX86.

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    Ofcourse before anything like this, I should post a few C++ programs. I need practice, especially with the STL.

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    I'll give $10 to whoever can write an OS in BF!
    hello, internet!

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    well. alot of ppl re-compile linux so it is optimized to run faster
    on their hardware - for ex., on an athlon, because the linux kernel is compiled for intel 386 or better, so recompiling it
    speeds it up.

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    >I'll give $10 to whoever can write an OS in BF!<

    Haha, I bet it's possible.

    *begins porting Alamo (ShellOS) to BF*

    >Why would you want to alter an O/S?<

    Are you asking this as a general question, or more of a personal question?

    As a general question, you'd alter an OS to make it the way you like it, pretty simple.

    As a personal question, I don't like altering OSes. It's pointless IMO, but that's only in my situation. THere are a lot of people that can benefit greatly from hacking their OSS operating system.

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    well this stuff of creatin OS keeps popping up on this board now and then

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