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    Ideas needed

    Well I was going to work on that BYU game, but I figured that wasn't a good idea. I plan to attend BYU, and having my name in the credits of a game that made fun of BYU, that really wasn't the best idea at the present time. So if anyone has any ideas for programs - I'm looking to learn some game programming - I'd appreciarte them. Right now I'm thinking of a flight simulator or something, but I'm still plenty open to ideas.

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    I'm looking to learn some game programming
    I'm going to assume your not ready for a flight sim as i am assuming u haven't done any game programming before.

    If i am correct my suggestion to you is to use one of the basic "most ppl learn from" games to build as your first. Such as; Tetris, Text RPG, etc.

    Theres plenty of tetris tutorials (note u can't use tetris as your name).

    Try this sites:

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    I mean game-graphics. I've done games before, they've just been very limited, i.e. - using the 256 characters. I should be able to do everything except for the graphics.

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    make a flight sim. Bet that would be interesting. Go for it.
    Such is life.

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    The flight sim would probably be incredibly difficult, and would take you a while to get to that level of expertise in using 3d graphics. Another challenging aspect of it would be the very complicated physics of it. But go for it if you really want to to do it.

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